Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Urdupages Web Template

Urdu Web Template by Urdupages

Urdu Localization by: Urdupages

Monday, March 15, 2010

Urdu NewsPortal Template

Urdu NewsPortal Template by Pardesi

Liquid 3-Column CSS Template
Design By: Darren
Urdu Localization by: Pardesi

Urdu Web Template by Raja Sahib

Urdu Website Template by Raja Sahib

Urdu Localization by: Raja Sahib

Blogspot Rounders Group Theme

Blogspot Rounders Group Urdu Theme

Rounders 01

Rounders 02

Rounders 03

Rounders 04

Rounders Theme Switch Demo (eng ver)

Urdu Localization by: Nabeel Naqvi

Urdu Revolution Crunch

Urdu Revolution Crunch - Blogger Template

Ready to get your hands on the coolest premium Blogger template in the blogosphere? Introducing the Revolution Church premium template for Blogger!

After getting dozens of emails from people offering us money to convert this amazing theme into Blogger, we decided it was time to make it available to purchase for everyone. Well, not only has eBlog Templates ported this over to Blogger, we’ve added some great features to really turbo-charge and make this the best premium Blogger template yet!

Theme URL: http://www.cocut.cn/scripts/blogger-theme/1835-revolution-crunch-blogger-template.html
Urdu Localization by: Urdu Jahan

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Urdu version of WordPress

UrduPress is the customized Urdu version of WordPress. Currently it is based on WordPress version 2.3.2. In addition to the Urdu translation, UrduPress contains the following enhancements as well as customizations for easily publishing Urdu Urdu content:

Urdu customization of the default kubrick theme.
Installation pages are also displayed in Urdu.
Urdu OpenPad? plugin is installed by default which makes it easy to publish posts as well write comments in Urdu.
The style sheet of default kubrick theme can be changed by the user for displaying the blog in several different fonts.

Urdu Localization by:  Nabeel Naqvi & Urdu Mehfil Team

Blogspot Theme Convert

Blogspot Theme Convert to Urdu - Urdu Tutorials

Urdu Omic

WordPress Urdu Theme - Omic

Theme Name: omic
Theme URL: http://wordpressthemesbase.com/
Description: Designed by FreeWordpressThemes. This work is licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. This means you may use it and make any changes you like. However, credit links must remain on footer for legal use.
Version: 1
Author: ThemeLayouts/DreamTemplate
Author URL: http://www.dreamtemplate.com/

Urdu Localization by: Rehan Ali

Star Struck

WordPress Urdu Theme - Star Struck

Theme Name: starstruck
Theme URL: http://freethemelayouts.com/
Description: Designed by FTL This work is licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. This means you may use it and make any changes you like. However, credit links must remain on footer for legal use.
Version: 1
Author: FreeThemeLayout/DreamTemplate
Author URL: http://www.freethemelayouts.com/

Urdu Localization by: Rehan Ali

Smells like Facebook

WordPress Urdu Theme - Smells like Facebook

THEME NAME: Smells like Facebook
THEME URI: http://wp.nazieb.com/smells-like-facebook/
AUTHOR: Ainun Nazieb
AUTHOR URI: http://nazieb.com/
DESCRIPTION: The exact Facebook clone theme for Wordpress. Based on Facebook profile page. 3 columns or 2 columns available. Advanced Javascript & AJAX effect just like on Facebook also available.
TAGS: white, blue, two-columns, three-columns, theme-options, fixed-width, light

Urdu Localization by: Alf Nizami

Fluid Solution

WordPress Urdu Theme - Fluid Solution

Theme Name: Fluid Solution
Theme URL: http://www.kaushalsheth.com/
Description:  Totally liquid three-column layout, clean and simple.
Author: Kaushal Sheth
Author URL: http://www.kaushalsheth.com/

Urdu Localization by:  Muhammad Shakir Aziz

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Urdu Coffee N Cream

Urdu Website Template - Coffee N Cream

Urdu Localization by: Pardesi

Website Template by Pardesi

Urdu Website Template by Pardesi

Urdu Localization by: Pardesi

Kemie Guaida Web Template

Kemie Guaida Website Template

Urdu Localization by: Pardesi

Web Template by Pardesi

Urdu Website Template by Pardesi

Urdu Localization by: Pardesi

Urdu Web Template 02

Urdu WebSite Template

Urdu Localization by: MM Mughal

Soz e Rind

Urdu Web Template - Soz e Rind

Urdu Localization by: Qahhar Ali Shah Rind

Urdu Web Template 01

Urdu Web Template with Alvi Nastaleeq font

Urdu Localization by: MM Mughal

Sharp Orange Urdu

WordPress Urdu Theme - Sharp Orange

Theme Name: Sharp Orange Urdu
Theme URL: http://www.valendesigns.com
Version: 1.0

Urdu Localization by: Rehan Ali

My Simplified

WordPress Urdu Theme - My Simplified

Theme Name: Urdu My Simplified
Theme URL: http://www.justskins.com
Author: José María Morales Vázquez
Author URL: http://blog.unlugarenelmundo.es/
Licencia: Creative Commons Attribution 2.5.
Urdu Version:
Farhat Kayani

Wood Theme

WordPress Urdu Theme - Wood

Theme Name: Wood Theme
Theme URL: http://www.wptown.com/
Description: Wood Theme is a unique Widget ready WordPress theme with 3 columns, right sidebar and fixed width. Tested on Firefox, Internet Explorer 6, 7 and Opera. Theme is XHTML/CSS valid and SEO friendly.
Version: 1.0
Author: WP Town
Author URL: http://www.wptown.com/

Urdu Version: Farhat Kayani
Tags: brown, wood, 3 columns, widget ready, right sidebar, fixed width, seo friendly

Clean Bright

WordPress Urdu Theme - Clean Bright

Theme Name: Urdu Clean Bright
Theme URL: http://www.tinysigns.com
Description: Get More Free Wordpress Themes By Visiting
Author: Business Journal

Modified for Urdu by: Farhat Kayani

Green Grapes Urdu Theme

WordPress Urdu Theme - Green Grapes

Theme Name: Green Grapes Urdu
Theme URL: http://yasirimran.wordpress.com
Description: Very nice green theme. The theme is a linkware.
Author: Yasir Imran
Author URL: http://yasirimran.wordpress.com
Copyright by Pakistani