Thursday, March 11, 2010

WordPress Urdu Theme - Super Fresh

WordPress Urdu Theme - Super Fresh

Theme Name: SuperFresh
Theme URL:

SuperFresh is a 3 Column fresh theme base with natural green. It contain 2 widget-ready sidebar, custom templates, with a featured post section in the main page. It’s compatible with up to WordPress 2.8.5 and has been tested with in Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Opera, and Safari.

* Featured Post area in the main page.
* 2 widget-ready sidebar.
* about me section in the sidebar which link to the about page.
* customized gallery page (image.php)
* Special comment fields with avatar.
* custom templates:
o archives
o links

o Special format for subtitle
o Alternative formatting for comment fields.

Compatibles up to
* Up to WordPress version 2.8
* FireFox2
* FireFox3
* Internet Explorer 6
* Internet Explorer 7
* Opera 9.5
* Safari

* CSS Validated
* XHTML Validated

Urdu Localization by: Mawra

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